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Did you know that hutches were first developed for use with rabbits bred for meat? The reason for the design was to allow a small easily accessible space…

Its surprising that some of these small spaces are still sold and marketed for housing for today’s domesticated rabbit - but then  maybe not so surprising given that rabbit welfare standards are years behind that of other domestic pets.  While they have risen to be the third post poplar pet in the UK rabbits sadly own the title of the most abused.  Most frequently because they are also the most misunderstood.

In this section we will explain why small hutch accommodation is unsuitable and point you in the direction of some alternatives. As a general rule the more space the better! A home is not just about the 4  walls so we will also give you some ideas on how to enrich your rabbits habitat by providing a mix of tunnels and toys etc to give your rabbit plenty to do.

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