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Many people are also now deciding to have rabbits as indoor pets. If this is the case with you, then there are a few things to keep in mind.

Rabbits will chew and dig - so don’t expect perfect behaviour as this is just their natural instinct! Instead make sure you ‘bunny proof’. That means covering or removing electrical wires. If there’s something you don’t want them to chew, move it! If they dig in a particular spot then rabbit friendly toy there or even a mat for them to dig on that’s theirs to destroy as they please.

Believe it or not rabbits can be litter trained. They usually go toilet in a corner somewhere. So put their tray filled with hay in the chosen area and they will pick it up fairly quickly. Where there is hay, they poop! If you allow them in more than one room, put a litter tray somewhere else so there is less chance of any accidents. Even if they are allowed only in one room, it’s still a good idea to have a couple of trays just in case.

Carpet can mean sore feet. If your house rabbit/s are always on carpeted flooring, keep an eye on their feet, sometimes the friction on carpets can give them sore hocks. To prevent this make sure they have somewhere to go off the carpet. Blankets can be quite good for this.

Wood and laminate are slippy. Rabbits paws are fluffy underneath, not like dogs and cats who have pads. These fuffy paws make hopping and running on wood or laminate very difficult. Make sure you have areas covered with carpet, rugs or blankets to help them grip.

Rabbits can live free range in a house, but you might want to keep them in enclosed areas for their safety and the benefit of your furniture when you are not home.

So what do we need to consider? Click the links on the navigation bar at the top of the page to find out about, size, materials, enrichment and safety.

Here are some options to think about:

Free Range can be wonderful for both you and your bunnies, if you decide to let your bunnies roam free like a cat then you need to ensure you have bunny proofed everything! See link on safety

Bunny Pen A great way to keep bunny and your furnishings safe while you are not watching! Pens can be made out of all sorts of things such as baby gates and puppy panels.

Convert a spare room. If you are lucky enough to have a spare room, consider converting it into a bunny room. You an then invite your friends out of their room or go and visit them on their own territory.

Just remember bunnies like to chew… they are quite good at stripping wallpaper too.

That said, one of the most rewarding relationships you can have with your rabbits is when sharing your home with them. You will see more of them, not need to worry on cold snowy nights and of course winter cleanouts are rather more comfortable! Just remember indoor bunnies like to get out too, in mild and summery weather they will no doubt show their appreciation with a binky of two in the garden!