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Whatever accommodation option you decide on, it has to be safe and secure and have the ability to withstand harsh weather (if outside).

Outdoors buildings - hutches, runs, kennels, sheds

Plastic and metal are NOT suitable for outdoor accommodation due to their rapid heat loss in winter and overheating in summer. The only suitable material to date is timber. Plywood is not suitable for outdoor construction.

The wood needs to be tongue and groove, also known as shiplap.  Overlap is not suitable as it is weak and allows drafts and water to penetrate. The thicker the wood the better; for rabbits we recommend 20mm redwood (pine).

Many hutches seen online are made in china. They are all flat packed and the wood is poor quality and very very thin so offers virtually no protection from cold and wet weather or predators.

Chicken wire should not be used as it offers no protection from predators such as foxes and rabbits will also be able to chew through it. Weld mesh should be used and we recommend a minimum 19 gauge weld mesh but the thicker the better - tip the lower the gauge number the thicker the mesh.

Hinges need to be tee hinges between 6 inch and 8 inch long and we recommend the use of heavy duty. Hinges will need to be oiled (or use WD40) on a regular basis to stop them rusting.

Flooring can be made with plywood, but must be a minimum of 9mm and for larger rabbits 12mm. The best type of flooring is made from shiplap, the same as the wall construction.

The roof should be made from shiplap and covered with roofing felt that is secured with a wooden panel over the top.

You will need to cover your floor area with a washable material, such a linoleum or self adhesive tiles. Once laid you should add a wooden baton around the edge to stop bunny teeth and claws from pulling it up!