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Once you have the right size accommodation its time to start thinking of things to put in it that will allow your rabbits to exhibit their natural behavior of running, jumping, digging, chewing and of course sleeping!

Rabbits are intelligent creatures and are most active at dawn and dusk. They can become bored easily if they do not have adequate stimulation. Here are some suggestions to keep then entertained:

So whatever your budget you can provide stimulation for your rabbit. Hard plastic baby toys are excellent and rabbits love to throw these around, particularly the rattles! For a bit of fun add some drawings to your cardboard boxes, or add some windows and a door. Some rabbits will enjoy a game of fetch with you!

One thing to remember - DON’T FORGET THE HAY!! As well as being 80% of your rabbits diet it also fulfils their need to chew and grind down their teeth. It is one of the most natural past times of all - a bit like bunny meditation… a happy bunny is a hay chewing bunny!