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Seasonal Care Winter

Although rabbits grow a thicker coat to keep out the cold, this is often not enough for outside rabbits. There are lots of things we can do to make sure our pets are warm, dry and comfortable during the cold weather.

A good idea is to move the hutch into a  DISUSED garage (car fumes can kill) or a shed.

However, it may seem kind to bring your rabbit into the house at night but this will do more harm than good. Rabbits cannot tolerate rapid changes in temperature. There is no reason that a healthy rabbit cannot stay outside if cared for properly.

Here are a few things you can do to protect your rabbits form the cold:

Rabbits still need to exercise in cold weather. Permanently attached secure runs are the best option. Cover these with plastic sheeting and add roofing such as corrugated plastic. Make sure you leave gaps for ventilation.

Add plenty of straw as well as hay. Straw has excellent insulating properties.

Inside sheds, use otherwise unsuitable hutches as snuggle boxes - fill with newspaper and straw for a warm retreat.

Get creative - add tunnels and other areas as warm hideaways.


Winter is a tough time for predators too. Foxes may become extra brave and venture onto your property looking for food.

Check you accommodation daily for signs of external attack. Make sure your runs are as secure as your internal accommodation.

Latches are no problem to a hungry fox. Ensure your accommodation is secured using padlcoks and bolts.