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Supporting Rescues

Action for Rabbits values and supports rescues and sanctuaries. Our aim is to help them by addressing the issues that cause rabbits to end up in rescue.

However these rescues are currently struggling with the ever increasing number of rabbits needing a safe place to stay, where they can get treatment they may need, love attention, neuter and vaccination before being found forever homes.

Sadly not all rabbits are able to be re-homed so stay as sanctuary bunnies forever, where they receive all the love care and attention they need from these wonderful places.

We are proud to be associated with Pledge a Pound (PaP), an organisation set up to help lesser known rescues and sanctuaries that care for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Their aim is to help raise funds for these rescues so they can continue their work. PaP currently support 26 rescues that are based in different parts of the Country. Each month they try to raise enough funds to give 3 of the rescues a minimum donation of £75 – this is usually enough to get a rabbit neutered and vaccinated so they can be found a new home.  

Please help them to help the rescues & sanctuaries by donating just £1 a month. You can also get involved in fundraising events or create your own.

Please visit their website for more information

Rescues & Sanctuaries

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